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Save Help


Save stores the current game to a file (to continue play at a later time) and can be used to delete these files.
Save opens from Game Options or by pressing [S]; and list names, date and time of previous games.
If all games are not visible: use the slider bar on right-side of list to scroll names.
The current game can be saved to a new file or over an existing game.
To save game to new file, enter new name into box at top of Save: click on box, type name and press [Enter] or [Return] or click on OK; the new filename is listd.
IMPORTANT: If a listd filename is used: old game is replaced, by current game, and lost.
By default the current game appears in filename box, to save to this file: click OK (old data is lost and replaced with current data).
To save game to file over an old game: click on a name in list (old game is replaced by current game).
Filenames can be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to a maximum length of 57 characters; after save, only 20 (approx.) characters are shown in Save and Load.
WARNING: Click x-button by filename to DELETE game immediately and permanently, the filename is removed from list and Save closes. Use this function carefully.
Tip: Re-start a saved game from Load.
Change autosave (automatic game save) in
Click on Cancel to close Save; or x in top-left-corner; or use keyboard.