Object Update Through CVS

You can upload comma (or more precisely semicolon) separated values file to the SimuTranslator to change properties of exiting objects. File will be parsed, found objects matched with existing objects and their properties will be updated.

Properties are matched by name. First row is treated as header row (with names), each consequent row is assumed to contain values for exactly one object. Order of properties is arbitrary (but must be same in all rows). Properties called name or obj_name - object name and type or obj - object type, will be used to identify object.

List of properties is arbitrary - you can update only few properties by uploading csv with just few columns. Be careful, if you misspell property name in header row, all processed objects will get this new property and it will be difficult to remove it.

You cannot create new object this way. You can change or add properties to existing objects only. Field containing semicolon will cause problems.

Example of Valid CVS File

DueWAG_GT6_motorwaggon ;vehicle ;71;55;240;90;14;699000;74;-1;-1
DueWAG_GT6_tailwaggon ;vehicle ;79;55;0;100;10;198000;41;-1;-1
Eiden_Deo_903-KIRARA ;vehicle ;71;70;212;100;22;781000;73;-1;-1
Eiden_Deo_904-KIRARA ;vehicle ;71;70;212;100;22;781000;73;-1;-1
EM400_1 ;vehicle ;41;40;164;80;21;312000;41;-1;2
Haru_Tatra-T3 ;vehicle ;95;60;160;100;16;996000;99;;
KEIFUKU_Mobo101 ;vehicle ;61;46;168;100;22;522000;63;-1;-1
KEIFUKU_Mobo301 ;vehicle ;97;65;171;100;21;1051000;101;-1;-1
KEIHAN_type80 ;vehicle ;78;60;180;90;20;815000;82;-1;-1
MHz_TRAM_1930 ;vehicle ;72;40;113;110;18;529000;73;-1;-1
MHz_TRAM_1980 ;vehicle ;78;60;235;100;23;782000;82;-1;-1
moha2100 ;vehicle ;51;60;208;60;10;483000;53;-1;-1
R_01 ;vehicle ;39;38;0;100;6;72000;20;-1;-1
R_02 ;vehicle ;50;45;0;100;8;107000;26;-1;-1
T_101 ;vehicle ;44;38;82;90;13;331000;46;-1;-1
T_102 ;vehicle ;48;45;92;100;15;411000;49;-1;-1
T_103 ;vehicle ;54;45;134;110;16;441000;55;-1;-1
T_104 ;vehicle ;60;42;129;100;19;450000;61;-1;-1
T_105 ;vehicle ;72;50;141;100;18;646000;75;-1;-1
T_106 ;vehicle ;86;52;152;100;17;786000;90;-1;-1
T_107A ;vehicle ;65;56;210;100;18;608000;67;-1;-1
T_107B ;vehicle ;52;56;70;100;12;494000;54;-1;-1
T_108A ;vehicle ;72;62;192;100;15;740000;75;-1;-1
T_108B ;vehicle ;63;62;120;100;13;644000;66;-1;-1
T_109A ;vehicle ;80;65;205;100;16;831000;83;-1;-1
T_109B ;vehicle ;67;65;140;100;14;709000;70;-1;-1
T_110A ;vehicle ;85;70;231;100;19;916000;88;-1;-1
T_110B ;vehicle ;80;70;231;100;18;866000;83;-1;-1