About SimuTranslator

SimuTranslator is a web based application designed to support the translators and translating of Simutrans - a freeware transport-economic game. It provides means for comfortable cooperative editing and maintenance of the translation files as well as basic means for the translation administration. Since January 2006 all Simutrans translations are completely managed in SimuTranslator. Recently the application was extended to allow a manipulation with the complete game object set as well.

The quote from Marcus Haupt:

Now I see the translation possibility using a web front-end. That's really great idea (and I know it's also a lot of work), because now I can offer my help without committing to a hard work which has to be done in small time slot.
If you need help on the German translation I can help on this. Using the web front-end I can change some words or add a little bit of text without blocking the whole file. It's good for me because I can do it only 5 minutes and then can go back to my real work. So I can do a little bit at my lunchtime here in my company.


The base of SimuTranslator was completed as a team project for SI3 course in winter semester 2004/2005 at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. It is currently being maintained and improved by Tomáš Kubeš.

Technical Details

SimuTranslator runs on PHP and MySQL. Web-hosting is donated by Nullus Anxietas. There are (12-Mar-2006) 55 registered users and the database contains roughly 70 000 rows holding 50MB of data. The application source codes have 300kB.


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