SimuTranslator Help

Welcome to the SimuTranslator user's manual. This place should hold answers to all your questions you might have when using SimuTranslator. Please keep in mind that this is a brand new system, and it can contain small problems which are yet to be resolved, same holds for SimuTranslator itself as well.

You can use the menu on the top of the screen to navigate directly to the section to which is your problem related to.

General information

Purpose of this manual

This manual should cover all aspects of SimuTranslator from user's point of view. It does not cover the topic of Simutrans itself and related translation practicies. Please go to Simutrans Forum - Translations section for more information on this topic.


Any web browser supporting XHTML format can be used as a SimuTranslator client (or to view this help). Download for example FireFox (install it using instructions provided) and log into the SimuTranslator:

Log-in to the SimuTranslator

You can use guest access which does not require any login information. This access can be used for the download of the newest versions of game texts. But your other actions will be severely restricted. You will be allowed to browse translations without modifying them. Please contact Tomáš Kubeš if you need an account.

General interface notes

Once you log-in to SimuTranslator, you will see a welcome screen. It will show you available actions. Same actions can be chosen using module toolbar on the top. The content of the toolbar may differ depending on your access rights and current position. Similar toolbar is used in this manual.

About This Help

This help was written by Tomáš Kubeš as his semestral project for a course Web Design at the Czech Economical University. In the case of any problems or questions, please contact Tomáš Kubeš.

Help pages have different and optimized layout if you decide to print them, try it!