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Finance Help


Finances provides an overview of the financial status of the currently active player's company.
Click on the finances button in the upper button bar in the main game window, or press [f], or click on player name in the Players window, to open the Finances window.
Values (in Hajo Credits) are listd for present and previous calendar years.
This Year: current game calendar year.
Last Year: previous game calendar year.
Two time periods are available: (1) twelve-monthly; and (2) twelve-yearly.
To toggle the display of each type of graph, click the corresponding button. More than one graph can be displayed simultaneously. The y-axis represents quantity, and the x-axis time.
Click on graph index tab to change scale of x-axis:
Years: shows annual values for last 12 game calendar years.
Months: shows monthly values for last 12 game months
Values (click on name-button to view details on the graph), include:
- Proceeds - total revenue from the transport of passengers, goods, mail and from electricity transmission.
- Operation Costs - total cost incurred by all convoys when in transit.
Tip: The operation cost per kilometre for vehicles can be seen in a depot and from the convoy information window.
- Maintenance - total cost incurred maintaining the transportation network.
Tip: The cost per month for maintaining the network (Maintenance (monthly) shown on the right of Finances) is deducted at the end of the game calendar month.
- Operational Profit - profit from the transportation of goods, passengers and mail and electricity transmission (Proceeds less Operation Costs and Maintenance).
- New Vehicles - expenditure on and income received from the purchase, sale and upgrading of vehicles.
- Construction costs - the total cost incurred by construction of transport networks, landscaping, electricity transmission lines, and using the the destroy/remove tool and other removal tools for ways (tracks, road, canals and airstrips).
- Interest - the amount of interest paid on debt.
- Cash Flow - total income less total expenditure (costs).
- Travelled - total number of goods, passengers and mail transported.
- Power lines - the revenue from electricity transmission.
- Account Balance - the current cash available for construction or purchasing vehicles (also shown in the centre of bottom bar under the main game window. See here for more information on the consequences of going into the red.
- Assets - the value of all company vehicles at the end of the last calendar month.
Tip: each month, the value of operational vehicles depreciate slightly. The current sale value for vehicles can be seen in the Convoy Details window, or when the vehicle is in a depot.
- Net Wealth - is the account balance plus assets.
- Margin - is the ratio of operational profit to revenue.
- Credit limit - is the amount of money that a player is entitled to borrow. See here for more information on debt.
Tip: Some costs, starting balance and finances in game can be changed in the file, which is located in the /simutrans/config/ directory.