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Finances Help


Finances provides an overview of the financial status of the player company.
Click money-icon at top of game-view, or press [f], or click on player name in Players, to open Finances.
Values (in Hajo Credits) are listed for present and previous calendar months/years. Click tab to change the display:
Years: shows annual values.
Months: shows monthly values.
To show a vlue in the graph at the bottom click button: The y-axis is quantity, the x-axis is time. You can have several curves at the same time. If you click on a point in the graph, a tooltip will show the number.
In the upper right corner you can build/upgrade a company headquarter (if graphics are provided by the pak set.) The headquarter will add as a high-level attraction and is also required for some scenarios.

Values (click on name-button to view details on graph), include:
Vehicle Earning - total income from the transport of passengers, goods, and mail.
Operation Costs - total cost incurred by all convoys when in transit.
{Tips: The operation cost per kilometer for vehicles can be seen in a depot and from Convoy Information.}
Maintenance - total cost incurred maintaining the transportation network.
{Tips: The cost per month for maintaining the network (Maintenance (monthly) shown on the right of Finances) is deducted at the end of the game calendar month.}
Road toll - when running convoys over foreign way, a cost may occur. If you are using other players ways, you have to pay. But if you provide are very good road connection, you may also earn from others.
Powerlines - income generated from the selling of electricity from high power transmission.
Operational Profit - profit from transportation, road toll, high power transmission less the maintenance and operational costs (sum of everything above).
New Vehicles - expenditure on and income received from the purchase and sale of vehicles.
Construction site - total cost incurred by construction of transport networks, landscaping, high power transmission lines, and using Destroy/Remove and other removal tools for ways (tracks, road, canals and airstrips).
Cash Flow - total income (sum of everything above this).
Trips - number of everything moved (counting passengers, mail, and goods). Transfers are counted once per leg.

In the second row four additional values are seen. Those are accumulated values:
Account Balance - the current cash available for construction or purchasing vehicles (also shown in the centre of bottom-bar under game-view.
Assets - the value of all company vehicles at the end of the last calendar month.
{Tips: each month the value of operational vehicles depreciate slightly, current selling value for vehicles can be seen in Convoy Details or when vehicle is in a depot.}
Margin - is the ratio of Operational Profit to Proceeds.
Net Wealth - Account Balance plus Assets. This is the company value. If the net wealth becomes negative, your company is bankrupt and you loose the game.
{Tips: Some costs, starting balance and finances in game can be changed in}

Scenario information

If you play a scenario, then the scenario goal and the percentage of the progress is displayed.